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WHITE PAPER | Verdensrommet & CR8VX Artists' Solidarity Economy

Verdensrommet in collaboration with CR8VX (Creative Exchange) offers a space for collective imagination, trust-making, and resources exchange to reshape our cultural economy. Artists need alternative forms of value exchange that adapt to the demands of our creative lives. Being able to make work, access resources, and maintain independence are keys to building sustainable artistic practices and social life arrangements.

This White Paper is part of our Value Exchange program and its aim is to lay out the different paths towards economic self-organization whilst recognizing that our futures as well as our economies are highly intertwined. It is a navigational tool, a roadmap, that will present you with a diversity of useful resources, tools, ideas, methodologies, and strategies for economic emancipation.

For non-EU artists, the value exchange and this publication are particularly relevant and life-essential as they will provide potential arrangements to fulfill our visa requirements, and to sustain our practices through a lens of creative hybrid economies, solidarity, and alternative currencies.